The lawyer to Donald Trump, Jay Sekulow, is popular among many people due to his firm stand on the church/state separation. Jay, has been a fervent opposition party in this state/church separation. However, what many people do not know about him is that he has been making a lot of money by taking advantage of the justice departments. All the money that he gets from the justice departments, he uses to fund his conservative group. The group that he has established using this money is referred to as the American Center for Law and Justice.

Previously, this attorney was involved in convincing the poorer people to give their money to the group that he has established. The lawyer also gave false information on the meeting between a Russian lawyer and the president Donald Trump. This lead telemarketers to call on people to request for money and an investigation into the Planned Parenting program. Due to these events, Jay was able to raise a lot of money from the group, which he further channeled into his family and his law firm.

The attorney has telemarketers, who are supposedly involved in helping raise money from the people for this non-profit organization’’. The telemarketers use the script that states that the Planned Parenting program is responsible for aborting babies and dealing their body parts thus, the program is under investigation by the Department of justice. However, it was not clear whether Jay had been only repeating information that was discovered a long time ago or he was giving information he had discovered after a thorough investigation.

However, from the past record of this attorney, it is possible that he was not giving any news. He was just brining back issues that were raised in the year 2017 when the department of justice. There were investigations into the Planned Parenting program where the program was linked to the foetal sales that were being made in the year 2015.

Currently, there is no proof that his allegations are true. However, he sticks to his narrative ad further states that the abortion facilitators are looking all over so that they are able to come up with funds to support his group. The telemarketers are therefore using this information to request the listeners to support the lawyer and stand with him with a gift.’’

According to a watchdog group based in Washington, Jay’s actions are not considered illegal, but they are troublesome. This is because it does not give a good impression when the personal attorney for the president is out making advantage of the administration actions to make money. This makes it complicated and difficult to distinguish between the actions that are done for selfish interests and those that are done for the good of the people. Whichever the case, this is the perfect example of how the White House and Christian groups use lies to raise funds. The National Prayer Breakfast scandal was the latest scandal and a right-wing leader making profits from the administration does not come as a surprise.