Reuters in ROME reported that Matteo Salvini who is an interior minister protested against being likened to Satan by Famiglia Cristiana (the top Roman Catholic weekly). This was posted on the front cover of the magazine due to Matteo’s uncompromising stance concerning immigration.

The authority magazine printed Go Back Salvini on its front cover and that is where all this started. This is because the phrase makes a vivid reference to an old formula of the Catholic church that was used during the exorcism of possessed people. In fact, the actual phrase is Go Back Satan.

The magazine proceeded to write that the phrase was far from ideological or even personal but rather just the gospel. It quoted several Italian bishops who are really against the move by Salvini of preventing the immigrants’ arrival from ports in the country.

The leader of the renowned far-right League party i.e. Salvini complained that the magazine was going too far by making a comparison of him and Satan. He added that he did not deserve such unfair treatment.

The new deputy prime minister wrote in a Facebook post that he is happy that numerous men and women of the church send him messages of support and love.

Famiglia Cristiana responded to the criticism by Salvini through its website that the new Deputy Prime Minister’s idea of the catechism as well as the Gospel is rather personal. It went on to mention that the Bible states clearly that man will be judged depending on how he related with his/her neighbor.

Salvini has resolved to regulate the entry of migrants into Italy because Rome is being treated in unfair manner in the entire European Union with regard to handling people seeking asylum. He has closed Italian ports to any humanitarian rescue ship.

Pope Francis who took office in the year 2013 has spear-headed the migrants cause since then because he himself was born in the country of Argentina. This means that he hails from Italian immigrant stock. In fact, last year the pope mentioned that migrants ought to be welcomed in a dignified manner. He is against the populistic rhetoric responsible for promoting selfishness and fear in wealthy countries.

Ordinary Italians have never agreed with the message from the Vatican, this is why Salvini’s resolve to curb immigration has assisted in promoting the League. Opinion polls held recently indicated a 30% standing from 6% four years back.

From the year 2014, migrants exceeding 650,000 in number have acutely reduced over the past 1 year.

The magazine sales of Famiglia Cristiana exceed 250,000 weekly, this ranks it highly in the whole of Italy.