Another time had come for marking the 1,030th anniversary, after the adoption of Christianity in Russia, Ukraine. The Russians actually did it! Present there were thousands of Orthodox Christian believers, marching and chanting across the streets of Moscow, Kyiv, as well as other cities. The chant from the populous crowd made itself heard through the streets. It was too much joy for the Christian believers!

All these transpired on July 28th, to commemorate the date in 988, when Prince Vladimir was baptized. Prince Vladimir was the overall leader of Kievan Rus, which is an alliance of slavic tribes. If you never knew, the Kievan Rus was a federation that evolved to form the still popular Russian Empire.

To mark the way politics has also been intertwined with religion, the president of Russia also had his say. Vladimir Putin spoke to the magnitude of clergy and believers, near a statue which was devoted to the Prince, Vladimir. “The first step in the setting and development of the present-day Russian statehood, the real spiritual birth of our ancestors, the resolution of their real name. Their identity. Identity, the flowering of federal culture and education”, passionately said Putin.

The Russian Orthodox church leader, Patriarch Kirill reminded the people of the fact that the President had a common first name with Prince Vladimir. He said, “I think it’s nothing like a coincidence, more so when we are referring to personalities whose actions are strong enough to shake the universe”, Kirill addressed Putin.

Prince Vladimir was reportedly baptized at a place in the Crimean Penisula, right in the Black Sea area, the place currently dubbed Ukraine. Russia had grabbed Crimea back in 2014. In fact, President Putin had anciently referenced the place of baptism as part justification for the unknown seizure. That was a prudent move.

Meanwhile in Kyiv, thousands of individuals treaded throughout the streets, holding religious icons as well as Ukranian flags high in the air. To the surprise of the Orthodox Christian believers, the Ukranian President, Petro Poroshenko spoke in contempt, condemning that action and terming it as “a threat to his nation’s security”. What an irony!

The Orthodox church in Ukrraine has also an off shoot, where the church is split between the largest branch. All the clerics of the largest branch pledge loyalty to the overall head of the Russian church. This overall head in the Russian church is also overseen by the Patriarch in Kiev.