After heading Christian Super for nine years, Peter Murphy has decided to leave the organisation to join Financial Planners Perth. The World Vision chief operating officer Ross Piper will fill in the vacant seat; the superannuation fund announced on Wednesday. The announcement is the fund’s response to the resignation of its chief executive, who has officially ended his role in April 2017.

In an Investment Magazine interview, Piper expressed his fascination towards the fund’s dedication to social impact investing. It boasts of being 100% invested. Aside from that, Christian super has also spent a staggering amount of more than $140 million through their social impact fund. It would be the World Vision executive’s first role in the superannuation fund, and he says he’s grateful to be given a chance to lead an organisation showing impact and operating with purpose.

Piper, who has been with World Vision Australia for two years, will be leaving the non-governmental organisation in January 2018, joining Christian Super later in the same month. His career track record can be traced back to being a mining geologist before focusing on community development. Together with his wife, he had a stint with World Vision in Serbia and Montenegro. There he served as national director from 1999 to 2003. After that, he was much involved in Microfinance. He then joined Macquarie Group and was made senior executive from 2005 to 2010. In 2010, he took up a role as operations head for World Vision International. Based in Cyprus for four years, he headed the organisation’s Middle East and Eastern Europe operations, wherein the focused his attention toward economic development efforts. The experiences and lessons he gained from this journey have granted him everything it takes to succeed in his new role.

Christian Super is a small superannuation fund that’s focused on integrating responsible financial decision-making with Biblical principles. When it launched Brighlight in September 2016, it paved its way towards great possibilities regarding providing investment expert services to other funds. With his exceptional experience in developing strategies and executing operations, Piper expressed his intention in contributing to the fund’s division and of course its overall growth.

What sets Christian Super apart from its counterparts is the fact that it has shown impressive growth by enticing consumers in the Choice Market. Another of its strategies is focusing on the default MySuper mandates of their employers, such as Hillsong, who are known for their church affiliation.
As the superannuation fund grows, chair Neville Cox is convinced that Piper will play a pivotal role towards its development.