A family is one of the most important things that one can have and spending time with them is very essential. Recently, Australian Christians have been advocating for improvement in family leave policies. A prominent Christian has used theological grounds to defend his stance that there should be better family leave policies. The society, however, expects Christians to support policies that protect families instead of breaking them. Rachel Anderson and Katelyn Beaty have been calling for expansions in the Family Medical Leave Act. In their report, they also address the issue of gender imbalances within families. The report comes a week after a Senate hearing on whether there should be paid family leave and whether the government should finance child care.

In the US, Ivanka Trump, Senator Joni Erst, and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand have been pushing for expansions in paid family leave. Last year workers were allowed to have up to 12 weeks of partially paid leave. In Christianity, families play an important role in the community of not only nurturing life but also protecting the holiness of life. By paying workers during their family leave, family cohesion and standards of living will be improved. However, the relationship between child care, work, family and the church in America has never been easy to understand.
Typically in traditional heterosexual marriages, the husband is usually the breadwinner while the wife takes care of the family. However, these kinds of lifestyles can no longer be accommodated in the modern day America due to the changes in the economic environment and the family leave laws. Capitalism has been seen as a threat to family life. Pope Francis has even on several occasions criticised capitalist policies which do not allow people to have quality time with family. Christians are urged to stress the importance of family lives and enact policies that will reinstate its significance to the society. It also advocates for equality when it comes to giving leaves to both fathers and mothers.

The report has even included some biblical accounts in a bid to put across its message. Where it states that roles in families should not be competitive but rather complementary. A family is also seen as divine since marriage is an institution that was created by God. Beaty also calls on Christian who do have unwavering adherence to capitalist approaches in workplaces. She also encourages Christian leaders to lead by example. Beaty also notes that some parents cannot afford to stay home with their children due to financial circumstances. Better conditions and paid family leave is therefore important to ensure the family structure is still able to remain strong and uphold its role in the society.