Ross Piper Joins Christian Super

After heading Christian Super for nine years, Peter Murphy has decided to leave the organisation to join Financial Planners Perth. The World Vision chief operating officer Ross Piper will fill in the vacant seat; the superannuation fund announced on Wednesday. The announcement is the fund’s response to the resignation of its chief executive, who has officially ended his role in April 2017.

Young Christians Should Not Spend So Much Money On Weddings

A lot of young christian men and women want a glamorous wedding without thinking about the costs involved. However, not everyone can afford this expense as they do not have the right assistance, information or a source that can help in choosing the right things at the right time at the right price. The good news is an inexpensive wedding reception can be achieved with an elegant flair if you plan a few months ahead of the wedding. Though it is not possible to cut cost at huge rates but achieving a savings of at least 30% is quite possible according to Marquee Hire Perth.