Retirement Village Toby’s Inlet Opens in Dunsborough

Retirees who find it hard to stay in their residential homes in Dunsborough will soon have another option. This comes after Murray Mallee Aged Care, a non-profit organisation, launched construction of Warner Close; who’s retirement villages which will comprise 50 living units located off Warner Road (at the Far West end of the town). This project is set to test a new model for the housing industry.

Christian Plumber Helps Elderly Residents

Generally, plumbers are usually on pretty high demand to fix damages both in commercials and residential water pipes. According to West Best Plumbung director, Sharon Hitchins, this is one year that has had the highest number of fixes due to freezing temperatures over the 20-plus years she has been working in the industry. She added that they receive calls, almost daily, to go fix water pipes.

Young Christians Should Not Spend So Much Money On Weddings

A lot of young christian men and women want a glamorous wedding without thinking about the costs involved. However, not everyone can afford this expense as they do not have the right assistance, information or a source that can help in choosing the right things at the right time at the right price. The good news is an inexpensive wedding reception can be achieved with an elegant flair if you plan a few months ahead of the wedding. Though it is not possible to cut cost at huge rates but achieving a savings of at least 30% is quite possible according to Marquee Hire Perth.

Designer Babies are Becoming More Popular

Gene editing is a topic that has remained highly controversial for a long time. It generally revolves around changing the genetic make-up of embryos for a number of reasons. The three most prominent uses of CRISPR technology include treating congenital conditions, reducing the chances of developing certain diseases later in […]

Christian Views on Family Leave in Australia

A family is one of the most important things that one can have and spending time with them is very essential. Recently, Australian Christians have been advocating for improvement in family leave policies. A prominent Christian has used theological grounds to defend his stance that there should be better family […]